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Family History

A bit about Bubacz

bubacz grandparents.jpg

It was the early 20th Century, around 1903 or so, when Grandma and Grandpa Bubacz arrived on the shores of the United States from Poland. They didn't know each other at that time and were just two little kids, destined for a long lineage relating to food and agriculture.

The two would later meet in Blossburg, Pennsylvania and eventually move to Elmira and Watkins Glen, New York and have nine children. The whole clan lived on a huge dairy farm there and supplied locals with a variety of vegetables, cheeses and fresh milk.

One of the boys, Frank Xavier, would grow up strong on that farm and, on his eighteenth birthday, bid farewell to farm life and moved as far South as he could to Miami, Florida. Young Frank was a bit of a rapscallion and Rebel but continued the Bubacz Family work ethic. He met the young Woman who would become his wife and the Mother of yours truly.

Together they had a great big Family, packed them all into a station wagon and moved us to the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains.

To this day we live here, conducting our various endeavors, mine being coffee roasting. I do this atop Berry Mountain in Sylva, NC. The humid climate and moderate weather make for perfect coffee storage and roasting. Give me a chance to show you how great micro-batch roasting can be. 

bubucz coffee beans medium roast.jpg
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